ESM Parklette Project

Day 1

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Vanessa and John, from Fresno, donated plants, pots, hose, outdoor table and chairs, wooden pallets, and more. Big thanks to Vanessa and John! Their generous donation will serve our students well with more green spaces, plants, sitting areas, platforms to place their backpacks and more.

Ms. Williams, Ms. Mitsuse, Noah and Mr. Alemán started their drive to Fresno at 7:00am. They drove in a red truck with quite a large trailer attached to it. It took 5 hours to get to Fresno (breakfast included), 3 hours to load both truck and trailer, and 4 more hours to arrive back in Los Angeles. Ms. Williams drove all the way. Wow! Just, wow!

Day 2

Sunday, October 6th, 9am – 1 pm

Students, their families and teachers got together to beautify the space outside classrooms on the hill. They planted, watered, and repurposed pots, planters and pallets. Thank you very much to all families who attended. You showed the true spirit of ESM this Sunday morning! Pictures of this awesome volunteering event are below.